Super Wiloo Demake review – another under half an hour completion

Super Wiloo Demake review – another under half an hour completion

Hi all, today I would like to talk to you about this other awesome little game called Super Wiloo Demake. The game was developed by lightUP and published by Ratalaika Games.

Super Wiloo Demake is another platformer. It takes just under half an hour to complete it. It’s quite fun and I actually enjoyed it. The game was a bit different – while it was sort of run and jump sort of game, it also had different skins/outfits that made you perform differently. For example – bee outfit would allow you to fly (so you could just fly through entire level). Armadillo outfit would allow you to make rolls which are invulnerable to enemy damage/hits. Unicorn outfit would allow you to shoot.

The achievements for Super Wiloo Demake are quite straight-forward – killing 2 bosses, finishing certain amount of levels, collecting certain amounts of regular coins and big coins, finding a secret stage, killing a certain amount of enemies, trying out different costumes/outfits and that’s all really. Not even death related achievement!

Super Wiloo achievements

  • Does it protect? – Try the armadillo costume
  • Nobody will recognize me – Try unicorn costume
  • Dress up – Try bee constume
  • Got Some Coins – You got 100 coins
  • Deception – Try the turtle costume
  • Feeling special – Get 3 special coins
  • The Journey Begins – You have finished the first level
  • Playing with Cards I – You have unlocked the first bonus stage
  • Getting started – Defeat 100 enemies
  • Got Many Coins – You got 500 coins
  • Got a lot of Coins – You got 1,000 coins
  • Collector – Get 20 special coins
  • Well done – defeat 250 enemies
  • You will be a legend – Defeat 1st boss
  • No mercy – Defeat 350 enemies
  • My specialty – Get 35 special coins
  • Got rich! – You got 2,000 coins
  • Friends again – Defeat 2nd boss

So as you can see, achievements for Super Wiloo Demake aren’t that difficult. It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to complete. I have to admit though, it was quite a fun completion without any hard achievements or levels.


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