Strawberry Vinegar review- another 30 minute lesbian (?) graphic novel

Strawberry Vinegar review- another 30 minute lesbian (?) graphic novel

Hey there! So I recently fell for graphic novels. I don’t know why but it feels like they are quick GamerScore boosters. I mean, majority of games have multiple endings that usually are required for full 1,000 GamerScore. Like this game – Strawberry Vinegar – requires all 6 endings in order to get all 1,000 GS. Worry not though, it only takes like 30 minutes for all endings. The game was developed by Ebi-Hime (weird, I could only find Steam website, no official website – they are losing out a lot) and published by Ratalaika Games.

So Strawberry Vinegar is sort of graphic novel where you can sort of seduce your friend. I mean, main characters are kids (probably 12 years young), yet, there is ending where you end up kissing your friend (a lesbian way, not a peck on a cheek). Game itself has quite long dialogs but not so many options. The game can be easily completed within 30 minutes and you get full 1,000 GS.

OK OK, the game is actually about a girl and her obsession with the food. And you encounter this demon (in a girl’s form?). Sorry, I didn’t even know full story because I played the game only for GS. I really love the graphic novels, especially the ones that take less than half an hour for full 1,000 GS. And yes, Strawberry Vinegar is just that. So, I love it.

Strawberry Vinegar achievements:

  • In the Miso Soup – Ate miso soup
  • Cookies – Bakes cookies
  • Natto – Ate natto (begrudingly)
  • Tempura Shrimp – Ate tempura shrimp – plus sides!
  • Chestnut Pudding – Gave Licia a chestnut pudding
  • Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches – Made Licia some chicken cutlet sandwiches
  • Pancakes – Made Licia pancakes
  • Rice Porride – Made Licia rice porridge
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Baked Licia a cake
  • Pickled Plums – Ate pickled plums
  • Omelette Rice – Ordered omelette rice
  • Strawberry Sundae – Savored a strawberry sundae
  • Sweetness and Light – Became Licia’s best friend
  • Takoyaki – Ate takoyaki
  • Apple Rose Tarts – Baked apple rose tarts
  • Shaved Ice – Ate shaved ice
  • Hamburger Steak – Ordered a humburger steak
  • Candyfloss – Ate candyfloss
  • Strawberry Kisses – Became Licia’s (long-suffering) girlfriend
  • Chichi Dango – Ate chichi dango
  • Risotto – Made Licia strawberry risotto
  • Onigiri – Bought Licia an onigiri
  • Bittersweet Goodbye – Said a sad farewell
  • Crepe It Real – Bought Licia a crepe
  • Lotus Blossoms – Forgot everything
  • Corncob – Watched a fearsome (?) demon eat a corncob
  • Decadent Darkness – Embarassed a fearsom demon
  • Sherbet Nightmare – Encountered a fearsome demon

As you can see, most of the achievements are also food related in Strawberry Vinegar. You might be wonderin exactly what choices to make to avoid countless of replays. Yes, we got you covered, just follow this link for the exact same guide that I used. However, it’s quite easy and quick 1K GS. Happy GS huntin’


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