Over 6,000 GS over the weekend and finally completing AC Valhalla’s story

Over 6,000 GS over the weekend and finally completing AC Valhalla’s story

Hello all. I am very excited to tell you about my progress over the Gamerscore as well as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla progress. First of all, I finished another 5 games of Ratalaika and one another easy completion Xbox game that’s not published by Ratlaika. Then I made a massive progress towards Assassin’s Creed completion.

6 easy completion games

Yes, I am super excited about my Gamerscore progress so far. With this weekend’s completion, I am almost on track. In February, I already have 12,645 GS. As of today, I am only 3K behind my goal. I am sure that I can catch up over this weekend.


Sagebrush is a 3D adventure game where you are investigating a murder (I think?). This game has some really bad graphics that feels from 1999 but I didn’t mind. I played even more horrible games over the game. It’s story driven adventure game where you are going from place to place, finding keys or other solutions to progress even further. Not a bad game, to be honest, the ending was a really weird one. Anyway, 40-45 minute completion using guide.

Football Game

Football Game is another easy completion I had on Saturday. It’s a point and click game where love goes wrong … anyway, I won’t talk much about it. I just wanted to say that I used guide and it took me around 30-40 minutes to complete. Without a guide it could take around 2-3 hours or even more. Anyway, I must also say that this game has nothing to do with sports …

The Story Tale

The Story Tale is one of those completions that wasn’t published by Ratalaika. The game developed and published by Maxim Nuriev. The game is platformer, sort of Metroidvania … anyway, you can skip tutorial which means you get 2 achievements just by doing this (which skips the first 20 levels). After that, you get 3 story related achievements and then another 6 achievements that can be missed. You also need to finish like 6 levels. That’s it. Took me around 30 minutes with a guide, of course.

Radio Squid

Radio Squid is sort of twin stick shooter. It was somewhat on a harder side, however, I didn’t have game over not even once. You only need to complete 2 worlds (4 levels per world) and all of the achievements will be earned within your first playthrough. Took me around 35 minutes without a guide (guide is not needed).

Super Box Land Demake

Super Box Land Demake is puzzle game where you have to move boxes to switches and then  exit the level. You are required to complete 2 worlds (20 levels per world) so 40 levels in total. Then there are couple of achievements where you have to shoot balloons and bombs (one of each) while travelling between the worlds. Really easy and hard to miss. Other achievements are related to levels completed and couple random achievements that can also be done at any time (rewinding for the first time and win using the second character (no, second controller is not required!)). 1 hour without a guide (as I love puzzles and I rarely use guides for puzzle games).


I remember I played InkSplosion over a year ago on PS4. I couldn’t play it properly. Maka91Productions said it was the easiest completion of 2018. Easiest my ASS! It’s really hard, quick and you will die couple thousand times. However, once you get used to controls and all the weapon and enemies (each level or wave you get a random weapon), it will become easier. In classic game mode, you have to reach level 10 and/or 100K points without dying. In Arena mode, you will have to kill 100 enemies without dying. And finally, in Hard mode, you will need to kill 1 enemy. Not bad except super hard. Super excited for this completion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla progress

I am also super excited that I finally completed (almost) story. It was long and driving mme nuts. I mean I already got all achievements on Stadia and now I’m just replaying the game … once again. I am saying almost completed story because unlike  in Odyssey, order of the ancients is still part of the story. Whereas in Odyssey, you’d complete the story and then you could go a nd hunt down the order.

Today (Monday, February 15, 2021), I will be destroying the Order of the Ancients. Tomorrow I will try to get Thor’s Set and Excalibur, which will net me another 3 achievements. Then I will see what I will be doing but things like catching all types of fish, beating Orlog players and other random achieements while trying to complete 1 or 2 regions a day (mysteries, artifacts and wealth). So, this weekend, I earned these achievements:

  • Equine Attack
  • The Enemy of My Enemy
  • As It Was Foretold
  • In The Footsteps Of The Gods
  • England Subdued
  • Witch Hunter

So there I have 26 of 50 achievements in total. Hopefully within the next week or two I will have full completion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


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