Norman’s Great Illusion review – a really simplified life simulator

Norman’s Great Illusion review – a really simplified life simulator

Hey there! So today I would like to discuss a new game that came out yesterday – Norman’s Great Illusion. The game was developed by Civil Savages (linking to their Facebook page because their official website is not working) and published by Sometimes You.

What is is Norman’s Great Illusion?

Norman’s Great Illusion is really simple, you wake up, get dressed, have a discussion with your family at the dinner table, go to work, work, get home, have a discussion with your family at the dinner table, go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

If you really think that the game is that simple, well, not exactly. Norman’s Great Illusion requires some reaction. In order to get to the job, you need to click A (if you are playing it on Xbox) when the bar hit green colour. If you miss it, you will damage your car. If you click A too soon, too late or any time when there is blue square – you will damage car. Car’s damage stays permanent throughout entire playthrough. The only way to fix it is if you crash it. If you crash it, you will have to pay a huge penalty.

When you are at work, it’s automated either. I think there are 12 calculations that you need to make during single day. Within a time limit. Yes, you need to be able to calculate. While calculations aren’t very complex, you need to know how to calculate. I’m lucky that my math was really good in school (and still is, I guess?). Even for me with decent maths, the time that we are given here was pressuring. Some calculations surely repeat but you still need to calculate and then actually type in the correct answer. Oh, and if you make 3 mistakes or more – you lose your day’s bonus. Which is super important because you keep losing money every day even if you get the bonus at work.

After you get back from work, your daily summary appears. No matter how badly or well you drive, your daily costs – $90. For a good job at work (where you don’t fail completely), you are paid $40. If you do the job perfectly (fail twice or less) then you get a bonus of extra $30. In total, you are still losing $20 every day even if you do the job perfectly.

So, the game is pretty much life survival simulator, really. It’s a fun game non-the-less.

Norman’s Great Illusion achievements

Alright, let’s talk about my favourite part of the game – Norman’s Great Illusion achievements. You can get all 1,000 GS within 1 hour. I won’t say 45 minutes because it took me 1 hour in total and I don’t think I could do any faster than that.

In order to get all 1k GS, you will need to play the game 3 times to get 3 different endings. The longest by far is the playthrough where you have to get bonus at the job for around 10 days or so and not crash a car at all. You need so many “perfect” days so you can get promotion. A single bonus does not count as promotion.

The other two endings are much quicker. Both can be done in 5-10 minutes. It requires failing at job completely and crashing car – getting penalties at job and for crashing car. You will need to play 2 days for each playthough until you run out of money. For one, you will choose to take revenge and burn a factory, for other – join secret club. That’s it.

Norman’s Great illusion achievements:

  • This is not rocket science – you failed at work minigame
  • Real pedestrian – you broke your car
  • Very expensive lesson – you got a penalty
  • Need to start from something – you have made your first choice
  • Terror is always a bad idea – you burned factory’s owner house
  • It’s the End – you have completed the game
  • You got a reward – you got a bonus
  • Employee of the month – you have earned a promotion
  • Merry Christmas – you attended a Christmas party
  • Your kind is not welcome here – you were fired
  • Undergrounder – you became a member of an underground organization
  • Three endings – you have reacged the ending three times

I followed this guide (and it’s certainly NOT 2/10 difficulty. I’d say at least 3 or 4) and it was very clear. If you also follow it, you can get full 1K GS within an hour or so provided your math is decent.

So there you have it – another game where you can earn 1K GS within 1 hour.


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