MetaGal review – MegaMan’s clone that can be done in 20 minutes or less

MetaGal review – MegaMan’s clone that can be done in 20 minutes or less

Hey there, so today is another great find from one of my favourite publishers – Ratalaika Games. MetaGal is MegaMan’s clone where you assume the role of a girl G00 (zero zero, not Goo). The game is a fantastic platformer that offers special abilities and other good stuff. The game has been developed by Retro Revolution (sorry, I would link to the website but I couldn’t find it …).

So MetaGal is a great platformer which contains 4 levels (I think). The goal is to stop Gal sisters. There are 4 of them and each level will have a sister to beat at the end of it. Each level also contains at least 1 sub-boss but they are very easy. There isn’t much more to say about MetaGal – just run, jump and shoot.

MetaGal achievements

  • I’m blue because I’ve to – Watch the intro without skipping it
  • It’s Gear time!! – Collect 1 gear
  • This will come handy! – Collect 2 gears
  • This was too easy … – Complete the tutorial level with GAL.00
  • This is spiky! – Die by spikes
  • First Timer – Die for the first time
  • I will do better this time!! – Rebirth with a gear
  • I’m going to need too many of these … – Collect 3 gears
  • This will make things easier. – Reach a checkpoint on any level
  • There is no ground!!! – Fall of a level
  • I can use her power now! – Defeat any of your GAL sisters

So achievements in MetaGal seem quite easy and straight-forward. Gears can be found throughout the level – no need to go out of the way to find them. You will reach a checkpoint without even trying. To rebirth with a gear – just die and then choose to rebirth (will cost 1 gear). There are many spikes and pits to die throughout any level. The only thing that you need to make sure you do is to watch the cutscene when you choose your save file. Otherwise, you will need to watch it again.

All-in-all, MetaGal is interesting platformer. I loved MegaMan games on NES/SNES, etc … so I also loved Metagal. Easy 1,000 GamerScore within 20 minutes or so.


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