Mekabolt review – 1,000 GS in 30 minutes or less

Mekabolt review – 1,000 GS in 30 minutes or less

Hey there. So yesterday, I was in a bed in the morning and thought that I wanted to play something for a quick 1K GS. Of course, Mekabolt was one of such games.

Mekabolt is a game developed by Somepx and published by Ratalaika Games. If you played any of Ratalaika’s game then you exactly what you get yourself into – a very easy and quick 1k Gamerscore.

First of all, in Mekabolt, all you need to do is reach a battery in order to win the level. For full 1,000 GS you will need to beat 48 levels. It is way easier that it sounds. Every level is very quick, can be done within 10-20 seconds. Perhaps, some levels might make you die or take slower because you never know what’s beyond your screen but once you know, it’s easy.

Full completion of Mekabolt also require you to unlock certain areas (like dessert or caves). You will unlock them by beating 12 levels of previous area. There are 4 areas in total containing 24 levels each. Don’t worry, it only takes 2 full areas to complete to get those 48 batteries.

And then there is another set of achievements – “meeting” certain enemies for the first time. By “meeting” I mean exactly that. You can’t kill any of the enemies, you can only neutralise or freeze them. When you shoot the neutralised or frozen enemy, you immediately unfreeze them and they start moving again. Some of the levels require you to unfreeze enemies in order to move forward so this game is platformer as well as a puzzle sometimes.

Mekabolt requires only 30 minutes of your time for a complete competion or platinum trophy (if you are playing on PS4).

Mekabolt achievements

  • Collector (90 GS) – Get 48 batteries
  • Cant see any use for this (90 GS) – Meet the flying robot with spike
  • Its on fire (90 GS) – Find flamethrower
  • Speleology (90 GS) – Unlock caves
  • I can fly! (90 GS) – Meet the wind maker robot
  • What was tis created for? (90 GS) – Meet the cactus
  • A good amount (90 GS) – Get 24 batteries
  • Not friendly (90 GS) – Meet the bomb dropper robot
  • Steping on spears (90 GS) – Meet the spear throwing robot
  • Starting (90 GS) – Get 12 batteries
  • Deserted (90 GS) – Unlock desert
  • Dangerous (30 GS) – Meet the shooter robot
  • Bouncy (15 GS) – Meet the robot to jump
  • Lift me up15 (15 GS) – Meet the flying robot

So there you have it. Just complete the first 48 levels and you will unlock all of these achievements/trophies by then ­čÖé


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