Loopindex Trophy And Achievement Guide

Loopindex Trophy And Achievement Guide

Loopindex is a puzzle game released on 25th of June, 2021. The game developed by Somepx and released by Ratalaika Games. Loopindex offers 1,000 GS that can be attained within 45 minutes (or quicker if followed the guide).

What is Loopindex about?

Loopindex is a fun puzzle game where you control 2 robots. You need both robots to reach an exit in order to exit the level. There are a lot of interesting traps and enemies that you need to avoid. The game starts with easy levels but gets harder and harder with each level. If you LOVE puzzle games like I do, I’d suggest to not use any guides and try to complete the game on your own. It’s exactly what I did and it took me less than 1 hour.

When it comes to puzzle games like Loopindex, I never use guides as I try to do it on my own. Most puzzle games I play, I have completed by myself. I understand you if you don’t like puzzle games then using guides makes a lot of sense. If you are in it for just Gamerscore then you can attain full 1,000 GS within 30 minutes by following Loopindex achievement guide. Without further ado, here’s the guide:

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Loopindex achievements

Loopindex offers 14 achievements:

  • BoxSolve a level with a box – 70 GS
  • Changing PathsUse the red directional floor arrows to complete a level – 70 GS
  • A BridgeCross the river and complete the level – 70 GS
  • A New FriendSolve a level with robofrogs – 70 GS
  • Easier Than It LooksComplete level 16 – 70 GS
  • BombComplete a level using a bomb – 70 GS
  • Avoid BulletsSuccessfully overcome the first shooters – 70 GS
  • Iman CraneComplete your first level with an iman crane – 70 GS
  • TeleporterUse the teleporter to complete the level – 70 GS
  • Do Some ExerciseComplete the first level with treadmills – 70 GS
  • ControlUse the blue arrows to complete a level – 70 GS
  • Teasercomplete the pre-boss level – 70 GS
  • BossDefeat the boss – 70 GS
  • MouseSolve a level with mice – 90 GS

To summarise, Loopindex was a fun puzzle game ported by Ratalaika Games – a game that earns you 1k GS within 45-60 minutes. Certainly worth a try.


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