Gun Crazy review – 1k GS could be earned in less than 10 minutes

Gun Crazy review – 1k GS could be earned in less than 10 minutes

Hey there, so today I have to share another gem from one of my favourite publishers – Ratalaika Games. The game is called Gun Crazy – it’s fast-paced run and gun and jump sort of game (not much jumping, to be honest). The game was developed by Ritual Games (I know it’s weird, another development company without a website …)

Anyway, Gun Crazy is super fun and super fast. You can earn all 1K GS in just 10 minutes or less if you are lucky … or if you unlucky, like me, who was killed by the second boss – then you will have to replay the whole game. Yes, if you beat the second boss then you are done with all the achievements witin like 10 minutes (some people said they finished in 7 minutes). So the first level has 2 mini bosses and one badass boss and the second level has only boss. The whole second level is different – you are in some sort of lift and balls are coming at you. Something similar to all these bouncy ball games we have on iPhones and stuff. Majority of achievements in Gun Crazy require killing a certain enemy, die once and upgrade your wepoan. All of it will come through natural progression (unless you avoid enemies like a plague).

Gun Crazy achievements

  • Hopper – Kill a Hopper enemy
  • Killer Enhancement – Get a weapon enhancement
  • Dip – Kill a Dip enemy
  • Mini Boss 1 – Kill the Mini Boss 1
  • Runner – Kill a Runner enemy
  • Mini Boss 2 – Kill the Mini Boss 2
  • Robot – Kill a Robot enemy
  • Boss 1 – Kill the Boss 1
  • Fighter – Complete level 1
  • Trainee – Reach 1000 in score
  • Master – Reach 2000 in score
  • Ball Destroyer – Complete level 2

As you can see, all achievements are pretty much straight-forward in Gun Crazy – you will earn them all by the time you finish the level 2. The only confusion you might get is reaching score of 1000 and 2000. I think it’s only available in level 2. By the time I reached boss, I had over 3000 score so it’s very easy to do it.


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