Grizzland review – black & white platformer for 45 minutes

Grizzland review – black & white platformer for 45 minutes

Hey there! Just played and completed Grizzland. Well, not exactly completed, just earned all achievements for 1,000 Gamerscore. The game developed by khud0 and published by EastAsiaSoft.

What is Grizzland?

Grizzland is black and white platformer where all you can do is run and jump. Oh and do melee and shoot from crossbow. You probably won’t unlock bow/crossbow before you earn all the achievements. The whole point of the game is to fill your water jar. You have to find 3-4 vials in order to copletely fill your jar. So that you could water the tree which then send you to an upper level.

The game is not all about jumping and killing. There are some small puzzles where you have to shrunk yourself in order to bypass certain areas. There are also bosses that you need to beat in order to progress (4 achievements for killing 4 bosses).

At first, Grizzland seemed to be a very slow game but then, once intro is over, game speeds up and becomes OK in terms of speed. If you die, you respwan at the last checkpoint so really there is no penalty when you die.

All in all, I’d say it’s decent game but I wouldn’t play past level 4. Level 4 is all you need in order to earn all the achievements.

Grizzland achievements

Grizzland features only 13 achievements for 1,000 GS. You will need to beat 4 bosses, find some collectibles and do couple of things (can be missable but game is not that long and you can always go back to earlier levels anytime).

Grizzland achievements:

  • Strange Guy – Find 1 secret room
  • Rookie – Find a secret note
  • Gardener – Water a tree
  • Ninja – Beat Kein
  • Bird – Beat Alternib
  • Strike! – Break 3 vasses with 1 melee hit
  • Sorcerer – Beat Zodius
  • Collector – Collect the 4 main items
  • Wizard – Find 3 secret rooms
  • Merchant – Buy an item from the shop
  • Scout – Find 5 secret notes
  • Counsellor – Beat Shaderik
  • Scientist – Bring someone a living bat

As you see, there are only 13 achievements which aren’t that difficult! Happy hunting!


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