February – a month of Ratalaika Games

February – a month of Ratalaika Games

Hey all, first of all, I apologise for lack of content. I am in between 2 jobs – still need to work for my current job, yet I have dozens of interviews for other job. And I need to prepare for them. So the past couple of weeks have been quite hectic.

Another slight worry that I had this morning is that I am way under my goal for Gamerscore. I said to myself that I’d be getting at least 25,000 GS per month for entire year so I end up having 500,000+ GS by the end of the year. That means roughly a completion a day. It is very possible with explosion of super quick and easy completion games from companys like EastAsiaSoft, Ratalaika, Xitilon and some more. Even Artefact Mundy is one of them (their completions are slightly longer but still doable within 2-4 hours which can be completed in a sinle day).

Anyway, I decided that I will dedicate this month for Ratalaika Games. At the moment, I still need to complete another 31 game + a few others that will come out this month. So I suppose 34 or so. Anyway, I looked at how long they will take and how much it will cost. It’s easily doable. It will cost roughly £170 and will take anywhere from 62 hours to 97 hours.

There are couple of games that I don’t/won’t like – Nicole – spending £17 for a quick completion game is making me think twice about it. I’ll still get it. Another game – One More Dungeon – 15-20 hours completion. Whilst cheap, still, 15-20 hours completion from Ratalaika Games is too long especially when this year’s games were 30 minute or less completions 😀

#SinucaAttack and Valhalla progress

Anyway, I wasn’t playing enough this week. I still managed to complete #SinucaAttack from EastAsiaSoft. It was real quick and easy completion – maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Easy too. That was easy 1K Gs. I also played some Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Completed Lincolnscire and Vinland arcs. Now off to Jorvik. I plan on completing the rest of England, Norway and Jotunheim this weekend. Then I’ll be busy with region collectible completions as well as hunting down the rest of the order and other achievements.  Can’t wait for the DLCs.

That’s it from me. Will see you on Monday.



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