Daggerhood review – another great platformer that can be done in 45 minutes

Daggerhood review – another great platformer that can be done in 45 minutes

Hello, so it’s time to blog about one of my actually favourite games – Daggerhood – a game where you throw a dagger to kill enemy or teleport. It’s a game that’s developed by Wooblyware and published by Ratalaika Games.

The game requires you to reach the exit – you don’t need to collect anything or open the exit door first – you only need to reach the exit in order to beat the level. However, the achievement for Daggerhood make it a little bit more complicated than that – you don’t need to beat all levels – you will need to beat only 12 levels, find fairies, all treasures and get 3 stars (speedrun, basically) on 10 levels. You will also be required to die once (what’s with Ratalaika’s fetish for death? Pretty much every single game they publish will need you to die at least once :D). Oh and you will be required to kill at least 1 enemy.

I played Daggerhood for about an hour or so. I did 3 playthroughs for most of the levels, some required 4.┬á But that’s just me as I focused on beating 12 levels first, then getting all the treasures for the first 10 levels. Then I focused on finding 10 fairies on the first ten levels. They are on every level but you need to hurry as they disappear if you take longer to get it. And finally, I focused on 3 star runs on the first 10 levels. Speed runs weren’t difficult at all. Especially when you are not trying to get the fairy, all treasures and 3 star runs at once. If you take time – you get familiar with the controls and the level.

Daggerhood achievements

  • Congratulations! You can now buy bread – Get all treasures on 1 level
  • Hunting butterflies – Get 1 fairy
  • Training to escape – Complete 1 level
  • Slow but safe – Get 3 stars on 1 level
  • This is harder than I thought – Complete 3 levels
  • Might be useful if you escape – Get all treasures on 3 levels
  • This poor guy was just doing his job – Kill 1 enemy
  • I deserve this and much more – Die once
  • I’m sure I can escape now! – Complete 6 levels
  • It’s worth nothing down here – Get all treasures on 10 levels
  • Nope, I’m still trapped here… – Complete 12 levels
  • Taking more risks – Get 3 stars on 3 levels
  • This is not going to end well – Get 3 stars on 10 levels
  • They don’t give health – Get 3 fairies
  • It’s funny to destroy little Fairy families – Get 10 fairies

As you can see, achievements for Daggerhood are quite straight forward. Levels are quite short, can be easily done within 30 seconds (most of levels can be done within 20 seconds). Happy GS huntin’.


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