Chop is Dish review – another fantastic platformer done in 30 minutes

Chop is Dish review – another fantastic platformer done in 30 minutes

Hey there! So today I would like to review another great find – Chop is Dish. It’s a fine 2D platformer developed by HugePixel and published by Victory Road. The game is really fun and it takes roughly 30 minutes to get all the achievements!

What is Chop is Dish?

Chop is Dish is a 2D platformer. Some thieves steal your meat and you go after them. The game has 3 worlds and each of them has 4 levels (except the first one; it has 5). Levels aren’t long, it takes maybe 1-2 minutes to complete each. However, sometimes you might get stuck. You only have 1 health point, so if you get hit, you have to continue from the last checkpoint. I strongly believe that each level has at least 1 checkpoint so if you die near the end of the level, you don’t have to replay entire level. Once you die, you will lose a life. The easiest difficulty in Chop is Dish provides you with 7 lives in total.

At the very end of the world (5th level for the first world and 4th level for the second and third worlds) there is a boss. The first boss and the third boss are very similar to each other. However, I’d say that the second boss is the hardest. Not only do you have to avoid his Molotovs (the ones that explode) but also enemy that he poops once you hit him. Also, be careful when throwing the last Molotov – even when the boss dies, he will poop enemy. In Chop is Dish game, I died from that once, wouldn’t want you to replay the boss fight.

Chop is Dish achievements

When it comes to Chop is Dish achievements, these are straight forward – one is harder a little bit because you have to find a secret recipe (it’s in world 2, level 1, near the beggining – once you start climbing the sticks up top, you can go either left or right. Go left, go past the turning mace and it will be behind the wall (wall is not solid – you can cross it)).

It  really helps if you use infinite lives cheat code which DOES NOT affect achievements. There is also one semi-missable achievement – once you finish game, you need to watch the credits until the end. Also, there is one achievement that requires you to finish the game twice. I find it weird but don’t worry, you don’t have to. Once you finish the game and watch the end credits, you will be moved to the title screen. Just hit Continue and you will be put on a level that is after the third boss.

Before you start, use this cheat code (press this sequence with buttons, not analog, while paused): Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Y). It will give you infinite lives.

Chop is Dish achievements:

  • Ham, get back home! – Completed the tutorial
  • Dill hill – Completed level 1-1
  • Deeper into Dill hills – Completed level 1-2
  • In the heart of Dill hills – Completed level 1-3
  • No kisses! – Defeat the first boss
  • Steak Fortress – Completed level 2-1
  • Ooopsie daisy – Got the Game Over message
  • Six feet under the Cuckoo’s Nest – Died in the abyss 5 times
  • You’ve asked for this – Killed 72 monsters
  • Deeper into Steak Fortress – Completed level 2-2
  • In the heart of Steak Fortress – Completed level 2-3
  • Beefy face! – Defeated the second boss
  • Kebab Grotto – Completed level 3-1
  • Deeper into Kebab Grotto – Completed level 3-2
  • In the heart of Kebab Grotto – Completed level 3-3
  • I love meat so much! It’s always with me … – Finished the game
  • Thank you kindly! – Viewed the credits until the end (it’s after you complete the game, not the button from the menu)
  • Did you really need to do this? – Finsihed the game twice
  • High cuisine! – Found the secret burger
  • Sick burn! – Died from fire 5 times (this is lava  in world 3, not fire shooting chimneys in world 2)

As you can see, the game is pretty and achievements are even prettier. If you follow this guide and infinite lives, you will have 1,000 GS within 30 minutes or less.



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