Castle Pals review – a jumping and flying platformer to be done in 30 minutes

Castle Pals review – a jumping and flying platformer to be done in 30 minutes

Hey there, so recently I earned all 1k GS in a game called Castle Pals. A game developed by Brad Erkkila (a single guy who’s able to develop games – he also developed a few other cool games, hopefully, Ratalaika can also port them to Xbox for easy GamerScore) and published by Ratalaika Games.

So in Castle Pals you can control 2 characters (you cannot choose which as each level alternates) – a boxer and Karlsson (got his propellers on the head, not the back). So yes, one character can fight, the other – fly. The levels are designed in a way where you wouldn’t be able to complete with the other character. Some levels require flying, the other – sometimes they require destroying some tiles and boxes so Mr Karlsson wouldn’t be able to do that.

Castle Pals is quite fun and sometimes frustrating (as in challenging). There is also timer for gold but if you take 10 minutes and complete the level – it’s also fine but you won’t get a golden star for that level. You can always replay.

Xbox achievements wise, it’s pretty quick completion – you are only required to completed 18 levels (each act has 12 levels and you need to beat Act 2, level 6 as you will easily unlock the other achievements before you reach this level). Of course, there are more than 2 acts in the game. And then you will also need a few golden stars, find a few gems, die once (as always), etc … so it’s pretty quick completion.

Castle Pals achievements

  • Time to Retry – Die on any level
  • It’s Kylee Time – Complete a level with Kylee
  • It’s Owen Time – Complete a level with Owen
  • It’s Blue – Find the Blue Gem
  • I got gold! – Get gold score on any level
  • Double Gold – Get gold score on 2 levels
  • Fourfold Gold – Get gold score on 4 levels
  • Half Way Act 1 – Finish Act 1 – Level 6
  • First Act – Finish Act 1
  • It’s Red – Find the Red Gem
  • Half Way Act 2 – Fiinish Act 2 – Level 6

So there you have it – easy 1K GS within 20-30 minutes or so by playing Castle Pals.


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