Hi there! My name is Don and I am Xbox player (quite recent). I started playing on NES/SNES, etc … when I was 4 years young. Later on, when I was 12 or so, I started playing on PC. After a while, I went on to become a console player. In 2012 I started playing on Xbox 360. Then I did a few years of break from gaming and in 2018 I became a gamer once again.

In 2018, I started playing on Xbox One. Over the last 2 years or so I have been moving around with consoles – Xbox One – Google Stadia – Xbox One – PS4 – Google Stadia – Xbox One – Google Stadia – Xbox One and now decided to remain Xbox One player.

I really love Google Stadia but the main downside is a lack of games. Even when the new games come out on other consoles, they are often delayed for Google Stadia or cancelled completely. This isn’t fun when everybody else is playing a game and you can’t because it’s delayed on Stadia.

Then I was into PS4. I love their trophy level system but it doesn’t feel right. When it comes to Xbox achievements and Gamerscore, it’s easy because you can skip achievements that take 10 hours or more, you still get a huge amount of GS anyway.

OK, to give you an example – A game gives me 1,000 GS if completed fully. Let’s say there is an achievements that’s worth 50 GS but takes 10 hours to complete. It’s OK if I do all but this one achievement, I still get 950 GS from this game. However, on PS4, I would need to earn that trophy, otherwise, I’d lose platinum which is worth 180 experience point. Of course, this trophy is likely to be either silver or gold. Even if gold – I’d lose 90 points + 180 platinum trophy so I would kind of force myself to earn this trophy if I had earned all the other trophies.

I hope you understand what kind of mess I tried to explain. The only downside of Xbox is that it doesn’t have as many exclusives. I’d love to play Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us or Spider-Man but can’t. Hopefully Microsoft buys Warner Bros and makes more and better exclusives than Sony.

What is this project about?

As the title of this site says – GamerScore.cc. It’s all about GamerScore. Quick and easy GamerScore. In this blog I will try to add any and every game that nets you at last 700 GS within 10 hours. Of course, some games can get you whole 1,000 GS within 10 hours. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of such games (from publishers like Ratalaika Games and Sometimes You). Some triple A games also give give you 1,00 GS within 10 hours – such as Spongebob Squarepants.

So if you don’t see you favourite game(s) on this site – it’s probably because it takes a long time to net GamerScore from that particular game.