112th Seed review – another 1K GS in less than 1 hour

112th Seed review – another 1K GS in less than 1 hour

Hi there! S0 I played a new game called 112th Seed and it’s a game where you assume the role of a experiment seed. It is a very nice puzzle/platformer game where you have to solve the puzzles. The game is developed by Slider Games and published by EastAsiaSoft (not Ratalaika this time).

112th Seed features 70 levels / puzzles, however, you only need to complete 30. None of the levels should take you more than 2 minutes. Some of them are so short, that only 20 seconds required. Others – well, it depends if you are using guides or not. I played without guides and managed to get all 30 levels completed within 45 minutes or so. There were a few levels where I had to restart because I would block myself in a certain spot or skipped certain boxes/water jugs … or destroyed some water jugs. You just click on START (three lines) and then middle button to restart it.

112th Seed mechanics are quite simple, really. You just move, jump or take action (dig in dirt). Some levels require you to become fairies (or whateer they are) and then fly to otherwise unreachable spots. To become a fairy, all you need to do is press B when approaching certain plants. Of course, you will also need to push some water jugs or boxes to manipulate certain terrains to pass through.

112th Seed achievements

  • Level 1 – Complete level 1
  • Level 2 – Complete level 2
  • Level 3 – Complete level 3
  • Level 4 – Complete level 4
  • Level 5 – Complete level 5
  • Level 6 – Complete level 6
  • Level 7 – Complete level 7
  • Level 8 – Complete level 8
  • Level 9 – Complete level 9
  • Level 11 – Complete level 11
  • Level 20 – Complete level 20
  • Level 25 – Complete level 25
  • Level 30 – Complete level 30

As you can see, 112th Seed has only 13 achievements, all story related, nothing is missable. This is quite a fun game, actually but I didn’t bother go past level 30. You don’t actually any guides, just put the game on and start solving these puzzles. They aren’t that hard at all.


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